Are Lottery and Keno the Same?

Over the past few decades in the gambling arena, the rules of various games have evolved over time. With changing rules, it is also easy to get confused about the functioning of various games. Especially as online modes have grown popular, similar games are commonly misunderstood as the same.

Such is the case with Lottery and Keno. However, it is important to know that both Lottery and Keno are distinct games with different rules and odds. If you’re wondering what differences they have, just keep on reading:

  • The first distinction is about the way players choose numbers in both games. In Keno, players can pick up to 10 numbers between 1 and 80. You can consecutively play on one bet card with the same numbers up to 20 times!

On the other hand, all lotteries have different picks of numbers. Most of them have 5 to 6 numbers to be picked from 1 to 50 along with 1 or 2 additional or bonus numbers.

  • Secondly, both Keno and the Lottery are played at very different paces. While every lottery is mostly drawn once or twice a week, Keno draws take place every 5 minutes allowing you to try your luck multiple times in an hour itself!

This is a case of delayed vs instant gratification, where Keno gives players a more thrilling experience, even though it is short-lived, unlike lotteries. The thrill and anticipation of lottery results, however, last much longer.

Conversely, the odds of winning the lottery are more because of the fewer numbers. However, the additional or bonus numbers largely decrease your odds of winning the lottery to about a one-in-a-couple-million chance, which is still more than that of Keno.

  • Fourthly, if you win at Keno, the prize will be based on how much you had wagered. But, on the off chance that you win the lottery, your prize will be divided between the number of people who won as well.
  • Lastly and most importantly, there is a difference in the payout structures of Keno and Lottery. The latter’s payouts are usually much higher when compared to that of Keno.

While both the games might have similarities, there are huge differences in the odds and payouts of the games. If you’re playing to win, which we presume you are, lotteries have both better odds and payouts which is ideal for anyone who’s looking to win big.

Now that you know the difference between Keno and Lottery and know the better option, check out the best sites for online lotto and find the best deals while trying out your luck.