Online Keno Strategy

You probably think it’s strange to talk about keno strategy, because all you do is choose some numbers and hope the same ones are picked. You can’t do anything to influence what numbers are the winners, so how can there be any strategy?

For the most part, you’d be right: keno strategy isn’t “strategy” in the same way we talk about strategies in poker or blackjack. However, there are ways to maximize the return you get and have more fun playing, and there might even be a few ways to improve your chances of winning.

First of all, make sure you check the pay tables available to you where you’re playing. Every site and casino has different keno payouts, and some are much better than others. There’s no standard chart to look at to figure out what’s good or not, but if you compare a few different charts from competing casinos, you should be able to figure out which ones will pay you the most money for winning. Always play with the best payouts you can find, or you’re just giving money away! Rockbet Casino for example, has one of the best keno payout charts.  Visit Rockbet today.

Lots of people like to try to find patterns in the numbers that are being drawn, and pick their numbers accordingly. You can try to play hot or cold numbers, pick consecutive pairs of numbers, or just stick with one card again and again. None of these strategies should affect your chances of winning, because the numbers are picked randomly, either by the machine in a live casino, or by the random number generator on your favorite online casino. However, at least one of these keno strategies does have some chance of improving your profits: if you pick numbers that have come up frequently, there’s always the chance that there’s something wrong and that the numbers aren’t coming up randomly at all, and some numbers are being artificially weighted (whether accidentally or intentionally) to come up more often. It’s rare that you’d see this happen, but if it does, it could mean big profits when you notice it!

While most of what happens in this game is pure chance, employing a little of the keno strategy in this article might improve your odds just a little bit, or help you have more fun playing. Whatever keno strategy you decide to use, good luck!