Keno at GemBet Casino Review

You’ve likely heard of the online sportsbook GemBet. They are one of the better and bigger online sportsbooks out there.

They’ve been hard at work launching an online casino and offering the best possible online casino experience. I was recommended it the other day and I was informed that they work with over 60 different casino software providers at this time. I couldn’t believe they work with so many, and I was excited to see what offerings they have for Keno fans.

I’m happy to state that if you like to play Keno online, then you might as well pack up shop at all the other online casinos and head straight to GemBet Casino with all of your money.

Due to their deals with various different providers, they have one of the biggest Keno offerings I have ever seen on the internet. Keno games from software providers such as Spribe, ConceptGaming, Smartsoft, Mascot and so many more are available to play at GemBet.

The selection of games is incredible. I’d type them all out here but my fingers would fall off. You’ve got varieties of Super Keno, Powerball Keno and Classic Keno. You’ve got Book of Keno by Evoplay Entertainment, Xmas KenoCat, Keno Pop, and Russian Keno.

Then you have live dealer Keno! That’s right actual live dealer Keno like Keno 5/80.

Of course, it’s not just Keno on offer at GemBet. The selection of slot machines, table games, and video poker is surreal and it makes me wonder why I even have an account at any other online casinos. Practically everything I’d want to play, I could play at GemBet.

Best Keno Games at GemBet

Amaterasu Keno: This is one of my favourite Keno games due to a neat little feature that they have. First of all the interface for this game is excellent. Very up-to-date and clean and fresh.

Prior to each game of Keno, three random numbers will have a golden ball placed on them. If those numbers come up, the prize you win increases from x1, to x3 to x5. It’s fun and adds a lot more potential profitability if they come up.

Super Keno: This is a very fun offering with a superman theme to it. They do something different in regards to the way the numbers are drawn. Instead of being dropped down one by one, they all appear fast one after the other. It’s hard to describe, but it really adds to the excitement of the game. The music and sound effects make it a lot of fun as well.

Lucky Keno:: This one is by Pari Play and I love it. The reason for that is they offer up lucky numbers which will help increase the wins if you happened to pick them.

There is also a multiplier wheel you can unlock where you spin the wheel and get a different multiplier. To unlock this, you need to have picked the 3 lucky numbers. Easier said than done of course, but if you manage to do that you get up to a 100x multiplier on your winnings.

Just one of those little varieties that really add to a game.

Book of Keno: