Best Bingo Site for Keno Players

If you’re a bingo player at heart just wants to play some keno on the side, we recommend that you play at Bingo Gala. Bingo Gala has three halls to play at – the Main Hall, 90 Ball Hall and Gold Hall. There are cash specials galore all throughout the week, as well as chat games going on 24/7.

Minimum pots are $10 on dimes and nickels and $20 on quarters. Bingo Gala also has some incredible progressive jackpots – one for Quarters, one for Nickels and one for Dimes. The Quarters jackpot sometimes goes over $10,000! There’s also the three Big 3 jackpots and slots jackpots.

When you decide to make your first deposit at Bingo Gala, you’ll be rewarded with a 200% signup bonus. Reload bonuses are between 50%-100% on deposits above $20. And the best thing about playing at a bingo site is there are no wagering requirements!

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