Keno Tips

Keno is a simple game, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you should be paying attention to while you play. Here are a few tips to make your keno experience better!

  • Always look for the best deals on the payout chart. A lot of times you’ll be drawn in by the jackpots offered in keno. Sometimes, you can win the same jackpot by hitting 10 out of 10 numbers as you would for 15 out of 15. If your main goal is to win that jackpot, you’re much better off just trying to hit 10 numbers! The odds are still huge, but not nearly as impossible as hitting 15.

  • On the other hand, sometimes it makes sense to play more numbers. For example: at many casinos, you’ll have to hit five numbers to get a winning ticket whether you choose eight, nine or ten spots. It is much easier to hit five out of 10 than five out of eight! Yes, the payouts might be better on the eight-spot chart, but probably not by enough to offset how much harder it is to win.

  • If you live somewhere where gambling winnings are taxable, it might be worth your while to pick a payout chart that has a big prize just below the level where the casino has to report your winnings. For instance, if you’re betting $2 at a time, and $600 or more will make the casino report your winnings as taxable income, you’d rather hit a 250-1 bet than a 300-1 that will have taxes taken out of it.

  • Finally, always check to see if the odds are better if you bet more money. In a lot of electronic keno games, you get better payouts by playing the maximum number of coins. Always take advantage of this – you don’t want to give the casino a bigger advantage than it already has.