Keno Betting Systems

The bad news is that there aren’t any keno betting systems that’ll allow you to beat the house. You’ll find some sites selling systems that claim to get you an advantage, but you can be sure all of these are scams. Every bet in keno favors the casino, and no matter how many ways you combine those bets, the casino still has the advantage in the long run.

Still, some people like to play systems that give them a better chance at making a big score, or try to win just a little bit of money at the risk of the occasional big loss. Sometimes, having a keno betting system can just make the game more fun to play. Here are a couple of the most common systems.

The Martingale: This is one of the most famous betting systems ever invented, and one of the easiest to play! Start by betting one unit, which can be any size you like. If you win, stay at one unit. If you lose, double your bet to two units. Lose again? Time to bet four units. Every time you win, you can reset your bet to a single unit; every time you lose, double your bet again. Because it’s rare that you’ll lose many times in a row, eventually you should show a profit on each pass. In most games where the martingale is used (like blackjack and roulette), these profits are about one unit. In keno, they can be much larger, since you could hit a jackpot worth way more than what you put in!

So the advantage of the Martingale system is that if you go long enough, you should usually show a profit. The bad news is, there’s always the potential for a bad run to wipe out your entire bankroll.

Wheel/Reduction Systems: In these systems, you’ll pick a group of numbers – let’s say six – that you’re going to play on multiple tickets. However, you won’t be playing all six on any one ticket; you’ll play tickets of perhaps four numbers, combining the numbers in many different ways so that each ticket is unique. If five or six of your numbers come out, you’re going to have a lot of winning tickets!

In these systems, you can lose money fast, since you’ll be playing a lot of tickets on each draw. However, they also give you a better chance of winning a major prize, since if you happen to hit a lucky group of numbers, your profits will be multiplied thanks to all the combinations you’ve played.

The two main things to remember when playing a keno betting system is that you can’t count on it to make you a winner, and that you should pick a system that gives you a better chance of meeting your goals. While the house edge won’t really change no matter how you bet, which system you pick might effect how much you enjoy playing keno.