Multi Card Keno: The Most Popular Keno Game

Well it’s official – Multi Card Keno is now the most popular Keno game among Keno players in 2012.

Multi Card Keno is only available at WinADay Casino. Over the years, Keno has always been an afterthought at online casinos.

I mean have you played the Keno games at any online casino? They’re always so boring and generic. I was always waiting for a new site to come along and do something with the Keno genre – but they never did. Sometimes there’d be a few tweaks – but when it all came down to it – it was always the same Keno game.

Not anymore. WinADay Casino launched Multi Card Keno in 2011. This game became a huge hit with Keno players, and after doing a poll of our Keno community, and checking with various online casinos, we can officially announce that Multi Card Keno is the most popular Keno game of 2012.

At the other online casinos with standard Keno, they reported that players would just never play Keno. New Keno players would try out the Keno games at these online casinos, then after a few games stop playing. The reason? It’s boring! There’s just nothing exciting about the game of Keno.

That’s why the twist added by WinADay where you can play multiple cards at once, and play multiple games really spiced things up. Multi Card Keno is one of the top 5 most popular casino games at WinADay Casino, ahead of the likes of Roulette, Blackjack and many of their various slot machines.

This is highly impressive, and we hope to see even more takes on Keno from online casinos in the future. I mean – there really is so much these online casinos can do with keno, and it’s disappointing that more online casinos haven’t jumped on the Keno bandwagon.

To see for yourself just how awesome this Multi Card Keno game, is, check it out for free at WinADay Casino.