How to Play Keno

Learning how to play keno is very simple. In fact, if you’ve played a state or national lottery, you already understand the basics of how keno works. Essentially, you’re going to do exactly what you do when you play the lottery: pick some numbers, and then hope your numbers get picked. If they do, jackpot!

However, casino keno offers many more options for playing than the typical lottery. In keno, you will usually have 80 numbers (1-80) to choose from. You have the option of picking anywhere between one and twenty numbers; the amount of numbers you pick will determine how many matches you need to win, as well as how much you win if you do hit. For instance, picking just one number and hitting it may pay 2-1, while if you pick ten numbers, you may win anything from even odds if you match five numbers to 20,000-1 for matching all ten!

After you’ve picked your numbers and submitted your ticket, you just have to wait for the next drawing. Online or on an electronic keno machine, this happens immediately; at the keno booth at your favorite live casino, drawings are probably held every 5 minutes or so. The casino draws 20 numbers in total. Now, compare the numbers you picked to the ones that were chosen in the drawing. If you’ve matched enough numbers to qualify for a prize, congratulations – you’ve won your first keno prize. If not, the next drawing is only minutes (or seconds) away.

If you can understand that, you know to play keno! It’s one of the simplest casino games there is, but also gives you the chance to win a huge jackpot, and most keno games offer better odds than state lotteries. Good luck!