Keno Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpot Keno sounds like a great concept, does it not? For instance, you can hit 10 numbers and win the grand prize! What could be better? However, online casinos do not seem to have caught onto this simple idea. The only place you can find progressive jackpot keno is at Betsson Casino.

Betsson Casino’s Bonus Keno game is very easy to play, giving you the ability to choose 2 to 10 numbers out of the 20 drawn by the game. There is also a bonus round that is offered when 5 or more jokers pop up when you get a hit.

To win the Betsson Casino Keno Progressive Jackpot, the numbers drawn must form a “J.” You will need 10 tiles to form a “J” on the keno board. The progressive jackpot is shown at the top-right of the screen and is continuously updated.

To play for the progressive jackpot on the Bonus Keno game, please visit Betsson Casino.