Best VIP Loyalty Program for Keno Players

If what you want in a keno site is a great loyalty program, we recommend that you try Millionaire Casino. Millionaire Casino offers a six-tier system called The M Club with bonuses for each level (including standard and daily specials) as well as higher rewards points for the higher levels. Luckily for you, playing keno is the fastest way to climb the ladder of The M Club.

Amber is the entry level. You’ll get a 10% bonus on all deposits you make. You’ll also get a 75% up to $100 bonus on your first Tuesday deposit, 50% up to $100 on your first Thursday deposit and 100% up to $100 on your first Saturday deposit. You will also receive 20 rewards points for every $10 you wager on keno or any other specialty game.

The second level is Bronze which you reach when you hit 10,000 points. You get a 15% deposit bonus on all of your deposits and the same daily bonuses as Amber. You’ll now receive 22 rewards points for every $10 bet on keno.

Once you’ve hit 25,000 points, you move up to Silver. Your first Tuesday deposit at silver will get you a 75% up to $250 bonus, your first Thursday deposit is a 50% up to $250 bonus and for Saturday it’s a 100% up to $250 bonus. Reward points are 25 for every $10 you play on keno. Silver members get a 20% bonus on every deposit they make.

At 75,000 points, you become a Gold member. You’ll get a 25% bonus for all of your deposits and the daily special first deposit bonuses are the same as the previous level. Rewards points are now 29 per $10 wagered on specialty games.

Things get a little more interesting at Platinum, which you’ll reach when you accumulate 225,000 rewards points. You now will get a 30% bonus on all of your deposits as well as 10% of your deposits from the previous week as a cashback bonus every Friday. The daily bonuses are now 75%, 50% and 100% up to $500 respectively. Now you can get 33 points for every $10 bet on keno.

Finally, we have the top level – Diamond. If you’re loyal enough to reach the status of Diamond member, which is at 500,000 rewards points, you will get a 35% bonus on all of your deposits as well as 38 rewards points for every $10 you bet on keno. Beyond that, it’s the same as Platinum.  A really sweet deal.  Read more about the loyalty program, or visit Millionaire Casino by clicking the button below: