Housekeeper Wins $12K

TOPEKA, KAN. – Maria Arana plays Kansas Lottery scratch tickets almost every day, and she does pretty well with them, too. She won $2,000 on a Bonus Crossword ticket just last month. But it was the Kansas Lottery’s Keno game that gave Arana a much bigger prize last week, when she won $12,210 on an 8-Spot Keno ticket which included a progressive jackpot.

“I work hard doing housekeeping for people,” said the 42-year-old Marysville resident. “I believe that God tried to give me some help by letting Maria Araname win this prize.”

Arana said she has only played Keno a few times, but she’s definitely going to keep on playing now that she’s gotten so lucky.

“Next time, I’m going to play Bull’s-eye, too,” she said.

The Bull’s-eye option in Keno costs an extra $1 per play and gives players a chance to win even bigger prizes.

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