N.S. Schools Win TV Jackpot

Some Nova Scotia schools will get the 180 LCD televisions that were part of the government’s lost bet on electronic keno.

Finance Minister Graham Steele, who’s responsible for part of the Gaming Control Act, said Thursday that Education Department and school board officials will work out which schools get the TVs.

There are about 430 schools in Nova Scotia, according to the Education Department.

The 180 Toshiba 42-inch TVs cost the province $900 each, Mr. Steele said. That’s a total of $162,000.

Thursday was the last day for keno draws. Bars and restaurants stopped selling the tickets on Wednesday, but they may have sold advance tickets for Thursday.

Mr. Steele announced last month that the province was pulling the plug on keno. The previous Tory government introduced it in March.

The minister said in September that the province would take a $3.4-million loss on the venture.